Yes, that is my real name. :) It's pronounced 'Chilla' like the second half of chinchilla. The name is Hungarian (and so am I, originally) and was given to me by my late great grand mother. It means Star. Don't you just love it?!

I am originally from Hungary ( a tiny country in Europe ) and moved to the USA in 2011. I do love incorporating European style in my Artwork.

I am also a competitive west coast swing dancer and have been under dance trainings since the age of 3. I quite often use dance as an inspiration to create Fine Art Portraits. I learned how to work with angles, perspective and flow.


the sidekick

hi friends, i'm csilla.

Head on over! 
I promise you will love what you see!


Outside of work I love spending time with
We love going on walks and hikes. He is an 'only child and sure loves being in the spotlight. 
His full name is
He is a Havanese so we wanted to give him a Cuban-esque name. 

my puppy ;)

Mojito John

 I also love 
My husband and I often travel to dance conventions and other fun destinations. My favorite part is when we go to
(ps: I often hire a local photographer to create our imagery. ) 


the beach!

I am quadrilingual. The four languages I speak are

My higher education is also from Europe. I majored in Business Management. 
It's so fun to travel around Europe and be able to communicate everywhere.
My favorite European city is: 

Hungarian, English, Spanish and French 

Barcelona (pictured)


we work with some AMAZing peopLE